Celebrity Lawyer Chris Melcher Discusses Twitter Layoff Rumors

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Celebrity lawyer Christopher C. Melcher, who is ranked as a best family law attorney in Califorina, discusses Twitter layoff rumors on News Nation.


In what could be one of the biggest job cuts in the tech industry, Elon Musk reportedly planning to lay off about 75% of Twitter’s staff. That would whittle down Twitter’s current 7,500 employees to about 2,000 according to the Washington Post. Markie Martin joining us now. And Markie, Twitter so far denying talk of any layoffs.

Markie Martin: Just yesterday, the Washington Post published that article with these hugely massive details about mass layoffs. These would be job cuts coming in the coming months, regardless of who was at the helm of Twitter. However, like you just mentioned, Twitter telling its employees, that’s not the case. It was the shocking report that had people chirping about Twitter.

On Thursday, the Washington Post reporting Twitter’s workforce was likely to be hit with massive cuts in the coming months, revealing Elon Musk had told prospective investors he planned to get rid of nearly 75% of the company’s 7,500 workers.


Ian Shure: It would essentially turn Twitter into a disaster. A lot of problems would crop up. A lot of people who knew how to fix them wouldn’t be there anymore.

Markie Martin: But in the wake of the damning report, Twitter’s general counsel sending out a same day company-wide email confirming the social media giant has no plans for mass layoffs.

“They are at risk of losing key talent. Who would stay at this company knowing or hearing that there’s going to be 75% of the workforce laid off?” states celebrity lawyer Christopher C. Melcher of Walzer Melcher Yoda LLP, a top family law firm in California.


Markie Martin: Legal commentator, Chris Melcher, says, “While Twitter’s attempt to allay fears might be truthful now, it may not account for what’s to come under future leadership.”

“Well, the company is in this twilight zone at the moment. Elon Musk is not the owner of Twitter. Whatever he says is not Twitter policy. And it may close next week, but in the meantime, he is not the owner. So the general counsel can speak for Twitter,” explains Christopher C. Melcher, who is ranked as a top family law attorney in California.


Markie Martin: The news comes during Musk’s turbulent acquisition of the social platform. Following his $44 billion bid, he tried to walk away from the deal, igniting a series of lawsuits. This month, Musk says he will proceed on original terms.

Now, data scientists say that if these mass layoffs were to happen, they do fear that users would feel that impact almost immediately, Natasha. Also citing concern that there would be a higher risk for hacks users being exposed to sensitive or offensive information. And at this time, Elon Musk has not made a statement following the post article, nor has he corrected any reporting…

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