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Your family law matter is the most personal legal issue you will ever face.

Whether you are contemplating marriage or need to resolve a dispute with your spouse, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

These cases must be handled with dignity and respect. At the same time, your legal rights must be protected. A rapid resolution is often better than going to court, which can take years and cost dearly. At Walzer Melcher LLP we take a leadership role in our cases and devise a strategy with the close input from our clients. We are also mindful of the harm these disputes can have on the public image of our clients and do our best to keep the dispute quiet. Being based in Los Angeles, we regularly handle celebrity divorces and the largest high net worth divorces.

The typical client of Walzer Melcher LLP is a business owner, executive, professional athlete, celebrity, high net worth individual or trust fund beneficiary going through a complex divorce in California.

We represent clients in divorce who need specialized personal legal assistance and want to avoid acrimonious fighting. We are among the top family law attorneys in Los Angeles and are widely known for handling large, complex divorce litigation. We have a team of trial attorneys who specialize in family law. The partners at Walzer Melcher LLP regularly teach other family law attorneys on best practices for litigating a divorce in California, having presented hundreds of continuing education programs. We have also published numerous books and articles on California family law.

Another area of specialty of Walzer Melcher LLP is the preparation and negotiation of premarital agreements (prenuptial agreements), post-marital agreements, and cohabitation agreements for clients who want protection from California community property and spousal support laws.

We are known as experts in California premarital agreements and are regarded among the top family law attorneys in Los Angeles on premarital agreements. Firm partner and celebrity lawyer Christopher C. Melcher wrote the only book dedicated to the preparation and litigation of California premarital agreements, which is published by LexisNexis.

Walzer Melcher LLP also handles appeals and writ petitions from California family law judgments and order.

This is the highest level of practice and requires a deep understanding of California family law. The acclaimed attorneys at Walzer Melcher LLP have appeared in several Court of Appeal and California Supreme Court cases involving cutting-edge family law matters.

The partners at Walzer Melcher LLP consult with other family lawyers worldwide on California family law matters involving multi-national couples and interstate disputes. We have extensive experience on international family law matters where one party is connected to California and the other party is elsewhere, such as international custody disputes and international support issues.

As industry leaders, acclaimed family law firm Walzer Melcher LLP has a reputation for being experts on California family law and representing clients in the most challenging disputes.

Please contact us to see if we are the right fit. We know many Los Angeles family law attorneys and are happy to give referrals to other divorce attorneys in Los Angeles to consider.