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Family Law Practice Areas

Walzer Melcher LLP’s depth and breadth of expertise is unmatched among Los Angeles and Ventura County family law firms. We are the experts in Family Law and represent an array of high net worth clients in the business, sports, and entertainment sectors. Our firm handles divorce, paternity, child and spousal support matters, domestic violence proceedings, Marvin actions, as well as disputes involving custody and visitation. We are the leading experts in premarital, postmarital and cohabitation agreements. We also successfully handle post judgment matters and appeals. Although we are litigators, we look for alternatives to litigation. Often our cases are resolved through mediation after thorough preparation. When matters cannot be resolved out of court, we pursue litigation both in the public court system and through private reference judges. We provide quality service while remaining cost conscious.
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Areas Of Practice

Our top family law attorneys are truly the experts in family law. We represent an array of high net worth clients in the business, sports, and entertainment sectors. We handle areas of divorce, paternity, child custody and visitation, alimony, property division, domestic violence proceedings, premarital agreements (prenups), interstate and international family law disputes, family law appeals and more.

Property Division

Our high net worth divorce attorneys have the expertise to handle the division of assets in simple and complex cases.

Taxes & Divorce

A large complication that may arise as result of divorce & taxes is the issue of who will get to claim the dependency exemption.


We discuss testing options, what you are obligated to pay in child support and other expenses, and, if you are deemed to be the parent, your rights to exercise your custodial rights.

Expert Witness & Consulting With Attorneys

Our top family law attorneys regularly serve as consultants on California family law issues

Premarital, Postmarital & Cohabitation Agreements

Premarital agreements (prenups) establish, in advance, how property will be treated or divided at the time of a divorce or death.

Spousal Support (Alimony)

Spousal support, or alimony, is the amount of money the court orders the higher wage earning spouse to pay to the other spouse every month.

Custody Litigation

The process of custody and visitation can include mediation, evaluation, and litigation. Using our expertise we guide our clients through this difficult process.

Family Law Appeals

Our family law firm provides appellate services to its clients and other attorneys who need help appealing a trial court’s decision in family law cases.

Divorce Process

Every divorce is unique and comes with particular issues and challenges.

International Family Law

Interstate and international family law disputes arise with couples that were living either in other states or other countries file for divorce, paternity, or custodial rights.