As Published on ABA’s Law Tech Today: The Paper Tiger is an Endangered Species

In ‘The Paper Tiger is an Endangered Species’, an article featured on the American Bar Association’s blog Law Technology Today, top family law attorney Peter M. Walzer explains why he took his law firm paperless. According to Peter: “Paper still exists, but bytes are economical and fast. Speed and economy will win over time. The reality is that I am sitting at my computer all day looking at a screen. I go home and I log into my iPad or cell phone. I may be drafting or emailing, but there is no paper.  I have a printer to the right of me which used it once today to print out a draft of this article for editing purposes. But, for the most part, we are paperless. It wasn’t a coup or even a revolution.  It was a mass extinction.  It didn’t happen overnight – but it occurred nevertheless. You are going to be paperless whether you like it or not. And while you are going paperless, I will look in the mail box to see if I received any mail today.” Read the full article here.