I Pay My Child’s Insurance. Can I Tell My Ex Which Doctors to Visit?

I Pay My Child’s Insurance. Can I Tell My Ex Which Doctors to Visit? Top Family Law Attorneys weigh in on this important topic.

Child custody and child support issues often arise during divorce proceedings and even after the divorce is finalized. Of particular interest for many divorced spouses is what expenses child support actually covers. More importantly, the non-custodial parent often wants to know if they can enforce the parent receiving child support to only use it to pay for certain expenses. Generally speaking, the answer is no. However, it is important that you discuss your particular situation with an experienced family lawyer to be sure. Sometimes divorced parents do not agree on how to raise a child, which can cause conflict. One question family attorneys are often asked is: Can I require my ex to use the doctors covered under my health insurance plan since I pay for my child’s insurance? Perhaps you have a fairly extensive insurance policy that covers many doctors in close proximity to your ex. But no matter how close or convenient the office is, your ex refuses to take your child to those doctors and instead goes to doctors that the insurance will not cover. Are you required to pay any of this cost when it is your ex’s choice to use outside doctors? As is generally the case with California family law issues involving children, the best interests of the child are taken into consideration.

While this term can seem quite vague and broad, its purpose is to give the court the widest possible discretion to order a custody and visitation plan that is consistent with the child’s health, safety, welfare and education.

Not surprisingly, the word “discretion” is very important. It gives the Family Court a great deal of latitude in making its decision, one more reason it is important to have a family lawyer with experience handling child support issues on your side. For more information on expenses child support does and does not cover. Your child deserves the best support system and representation available. If you believe that your former spouse is not appropriately using child support funds, or you believe you are being forced to pay for expenses not related to raising your child, contact an expert divorce lawyer in Los Angeles to discuss your legal rights. For more information on child custody, child support, and the best interest of your child standard, contact the Los Angeles top family law attorneys at Walzer Melcher LLP today. – See more at: https://walzermelcher.com/blog/2014/08/01/i-pay-my-childs-insurance-can-i-tell-my-ex-which-doctors-to-visit/#sthash.sJdjykHd.dpuf