Britney Spears Allowed to Hire Her Own Lawyer

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Celebrity Divorce Lawyer Christopher C. Melcher Explains Britney’s Win in Being Able to Choose Her Own Attorney and Conservatorship Abuse on KNBC News.


NBC4 News at 7:00:
Now, there are some new details in the Britney Spears court battle to control her life and her finances. Today, the pop star was granted permission to choose her own attorney. And NBC4’s Anoushah Rasta joins us live right now from the courthouse downtown with more on yet another really dramatic hearing today.

Anoushah Rasta: That’s right, Coleen. This is the second time in a month that Britney has addressed the court by phone, often becoming emotional, making strong allegations about her father, calling him abusive, even saying that he took away her driver’s license and car keys.
After months of denials and setbacks in her conservatorship battle, finally a win today for Britney Spears in court. A judge agreed to let the superstar hire her own lawyer to replace the court-appointed one.

“She’s not a kid anymore and she’s a human being. She can’t be treated like that. She’s not an animal,” states fan Tuana Martins.

Anoushah Rasta: Spears’s long-time former attorney resigned after an explosive hearing last month when she said she was drugged, forced to perform and not allowed to remove an IUD meant to prevent pregnancy. During today’s dramatic hearing, the pop star broke down crying and said she wants to charge her father, Jamie Spears, with conservatorship abuse and that she is extremely scared of him and his drinking, also telling the court that she thought her conservators were “trying to kill me” by limiting what she ate and forcing her to take prescription medication.

“I’m hoping that justice will win and Britney Jean Spears will be able to live freely as a mother, have another child, have her reproductive rights back, and be able to live life and spend her money that she earns,” stated fan Ashley Aurora.

Anoushah Rasta: From the courthouse in LA to the Lincoln Memorial in DC, crowds of Britney Spears, theaters gathered to demand an end to her conservatorship with colorful signs and powerful chants.

“This is an extremely important issue. And Britney Spears is shining in the light on it,” stated supporter Terri Black.

Anoushah Rasta: Los Angeles top family law attorney, Christopher C. Melcher, who is not involved in the Spears case, says there are other ways to manage a person’s problems other than taking away their freedom.

“The court should remove Jamie immediately. Britney has a bad relationship with Jamie. Jamie’s admitted that he’s not even speaking with his daughter, and how can you control or protect somebody when you’re not even talking to them? Of course, you can’t,” stated celebrity divorce lawyer Christopher C. Melcher.


Anoushah Rasta: Jamie Spears does deny any wrongdoing here. Now, the next hearing is planned for September, but Britney’s new attorney is expected to file a petition before then to remove her father as conservator. Reporting live in downtown LA, Anoushah Rasta, NBC4 News.

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