Britney Spears’ Dad Seeks Court Probe of Allegations

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Celebrity Divorce Lawyer Christopher C. Melcher Explains How Britney Spears’ Dad Seeks Court Probe of Her Allegations.

Kate Hawkesby: So the conservatorship case involving Brittany Spears, doesn’t look like it’s going to be settled any time soon. A judge has rejected Britney’s request to have her father removed from her conservatorship.

This is after her powerful testimony this week where she says her conservators should be in jail. But her father, Jamie Spears is now biting back. And joining us now, celebrity divorce lawyer Christopher C. Melcher from Los Angeles, CA. Thanks for being with us, Chris. So the big development in this case now is Britney’s father Jamie filing the statement overnight. Basically questioning the motives of her court-appointed attorney. Why is this significant?

Christopher Melcher: We’re seeing now full damage control by Jamie and finger-pointing. Before all these lawyers and conservators seem to be speaking off the same page and were apparently unified. Now we see Jamie under tremendous pressure by the Free Britney movement, I think, coming out and deflecting, denying any responsibility for what’s been happening over the last two years for Britney.

Stating, remarkably, that he hasn’t even been able to speak with her and claiming that her court-appointed attorney isn’t serving her interests. Claiming that the conservator over Britney’s person who makes the medical decisions wasn’t even properly appointed two years ago. All these things, if he really believed them to be true, should have brought up a long time ago.

Kate Hawkesby: A lot of us listened to the audio of Britney giving her testimony. I mean, she made some pretty big accusations, but why did the judge still deny her request to have her father removed?

Christopher Melcher: The request to have her father removed was made about two months ago. And so the court denied it temporarily and is now going to go ahead and have a hearing on it July 14th. And at that point, the court would potentially remove her Dad, potentially appoint different counsel for her and look into the allegations that the conservator over a person was not properly appointed.

Kate Hawkesby: So all hope is not lost for her at this point. I mean, in terms of her and the next steps to be taken, is she speaking again?

Christopher Melcher: So July 14th will be a hearing. Hope is not lost.  So we’ll have to see what the judge does on July 14th, but the movement is getting stronger and stronger. There’s more scrutiny on the case.

Kate Hawkesby: Right?
In your experience. This case is pretty unprecedented. The fact a 39-year-old who’s been able to earn millions for her conservators is still not able to get out of it. Are you optimistic that, with all this momentum that it’s moving in the right direction and she may be freed?

Christopher Melcher: I believe there is great momentum on this. That at minimum, there should be a reduction in the control, that’s over her. If not lifted entirely.

Her statement was powerful and it did not seem like someone who needed this level of protection. She was able to speak for herself and someone that needs a conservatorship would usually be in extreme distress, unable to care for themselves. And we just didn’t hear that in her statement.

Kate Hawkesby: Chris, Thank you. Christopher Melcher, top family law attorney, and family law expert.  So very much an expert on this sort of thing, and another hearing coming up. So fascinating to watch, isn’t it?