Celebrity Lawyer Discusses Tom Brady’s Likely Amicable Celebrity Divorce

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ABC News Reporter: Celebrity divorce lawyer Chris Melcher of top family law firm Walzer Melcher LLP joins me now to take a closer look at what this may mean for both of these people. They’re both worth millions of dollars, right? Are divorces like this… First you have the celebrity, but you also have a ton of money that we’re talking about here. Does it get really complicated because of the money?

“Well Phil, it certainly takes some time to go through all those assets, but in a way, these are the easiest cases to resolve, because there is so much money. No one’s going to go hungry in this case. It’s reported that Giselle has more money than Tom and so neither are at risk of going hungry on this one,” explains Christopher C. Melcher who is also an accomplished international family law attorney.


ABC News Reporter: Of course, I would think you and everybody would agree more important than money is that they have two children together. I’m wondering if Tom Brady’s football travel schedule- since he’s playing,-could be a potential liability if there is any kind of custody dispute here?

“Well, it sounds like they have worked out in their joint statements a way to co-parent, but it’s very difficult when a parent has a job that takes them out of the household and you can’t do that hands-on parenting when you’re gone so much. So they’ll have to work around that and most will accommodate by allowing more time when that parent is home, with the understanding that there are long periods when they’re gone,” states top family law attorney Christopher C. Melcher.


“So this is something that they’ve already worked through when they were together as a family and I got to imagine they’re going to continue doing so in a good way going forward.”

ABC News Reporter: It seems like, as you point out, this is likely to be an amicable divorce. Both announced the divorce on their Twitter accounts. I saw it on Instagram as well. So maybe no major fireworks, but we’re talking about extremely wealthy, influential people. I’m curious, this is a new day and age. A divorce like this 30 years ago doesn’t play out in front of everybody except in the papers. Today they both had to go to social media to announce it and now everybody’s talking about it.

People say I’m on team this team that these days on social media. So does that complicate a divorce these days in any way?

“Well Phil, absolutely it does. It’s hard to have any privacy when you’re that famous and going through a controversy or crisis like this. There was huge amount of attention. All of their activities were probably being monitored, waiting to see if we could find out what’s going on. So it’s difficult to make a deal like that and they definitely have to get ahead of the story like they did with essentially joint statements or issued at the joint time today,” explains Chris Melcher.

“It’s really hard on kids because anytime a parent’s going through a divorce it’s going to impact that child. But here, seeing every part of their parents’ dispute being aired out in press is going to be embarrassing and humiliating to kids. So I’m glad this couple did the right thing and worked it out quickly,” states celebrity lawyer Chris Melcher.


ABC News Reporter: Yeah, and of course, we’re talking to a celebrity divorce attorney about it, so it is of interest to people. I don’t know either of these people. I’ve interviewed them a couple times, but it seems like on social media, they love their children and that really is, at the end of the day, what matters most here. As you say, nobody’s going to be going hungry in this divorce. Chris Melcher, thanks so much for taking the time. We appreciate it.

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