Celebrity Lawyer Weighs in on Alec Baldwin’s Handling of Shooting

Article Title:

 ‘Rust’ Shooting: Alec Baldwin is ‘Hurting Himself in Unimaginable Ways,’ Says Crisis PR Expert

Description: Taryn Rider interviewed celebrity divorce lawyer Christopher C. Melcher of  top family law firm Walzer Melcher LLP regarding Alec Baldwin’s handling of the Rust shooting.

Publication: Yahoo!

Publication Date: November 5, 2021

Journalist: Taryn Rider

Area(s) of Legal Expertise needed for interview: 

Legal Expert: Christopher C. Melcher

Quote: “That is a form of communication that is confusing because it is unclear why he is reposting it. He immediately expressed his condolences and met with Halyna’s husband, which showed empathy,” explains Christopher C. Melcher, who was named one CA’s best family law attorneys. “Alec Baldwin should either follow the sheriff’s request not to speak about the incident until the investigation is complete or make his own statement rather than reposting someone else’s.”