COVID-19 Child Custody & Visitation Rights Explained by Celebrity Divorce Lawyer Peter M. Walzer

[Source: Spectrum News 1]

How does COVID-19 Affect Child Custody and Visitation Rights? Peter M. Walzer, celebrity divorce lawyer, of top family law firm Walzer Melcher LLP explains.

Can children or grandchildren visit back and forth with a custody order on visitation days to family members who live in a different house? “There’s no reason that visitation shouldn’t go forward unless they’re traveling on a plane,” explains top family law attorney Peter M. Walzer. “So in the question, it wasn’t clear whether they were traveling on a plane. Now, that might put the children at risk if that was done. Nobody wants to travel these days, but the court orders have not been suspended, and I’ve been talking to judges about this and there is no automatic stay on court orders,” states Peter M. Walzer, a celebrity divorce lawyer in Los Angeles, CA. “Let’s say the grandparents had coronavirus, or had been tested positive, or had been exposed, you could still go into our California courts for emergency orders so they can stay the order. But, is that really the reality of what’s going on? No. People are just not turning their kids over because it’s hard to get to court, so they’re taking the law into their own hands,” explains Peter M. Walzer, partner at top family law firm Walzer Melcher LLP. ©2020 Spectrum News 1. No claims made to copyrighted material. Aired on 3/30/20