Is Filing for Divorce on Social Media the Wave of Future? Top Family Law Attorney Peter M. Walzer explains on CBS

[Source: CBS News]

How would you feel if your soon to be ex served you with divorce papers online on Social Media?


If you use it, you know that people post just about anything on social media.

We shop online, we date online, we go to school without leaving home. Now some judges are giving the thumbs up for legally filing for divorce using social media like Facebook and Twitter.

It’s an idea not everyone is ready for.

In 2015, a New York woman became the first person to legally file for divorce using Facebook. Court records show a judge let her message her husband with digital divorce papers after he refused to meet with her and a private eye couldn’t find him.

Effective? Yes, but not one person we spoke with thought the most intimate of commitments should end online.

Top family law attorney Peter M. Walzer has trapped hard to find spouses in California. “We deliver flowers to somebody but it’s not really flowers-it’s here’s your divorce papers,” he explains. “That’s how people are communicating now-that’s what they want. So to say we can’t use this as a method of service is disingenuous. It’s going to be the wave of the future,” states California divorce attorney Peter M. Walzer.

Even in the legal system, he says the line between real life and life online is getting blurrier by the second.

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