George v. Shams-Shirazi: Sanctions; Attorney Fees

In re Marriage of George v. Shams-Shirazi (Sanctions; Attorney Fees)

California Court of Appeal, First District

Published Opinion, (2020) 45 Cal.App.5th 134

File Date:
Filed 2/11/2020

Sanctions were awarded against the father for $13,000 per Family Code section 271 when he tried to set aside or modify an order giving the mother sole physical and legal custody of their child. The appellate court held that the time limit for filing a motion for statutory attorney’s fees to be included in a judgment did not apply to this post-judgment request. The father did not show prejudice from the mother’s delay in bringing the fee request, so the equitable doctrine of laches did not bar her from seeking sanctions.

George v. Shams-Shirazi 2-11-20

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