Greiner v. Keller: Child Support; Childcare Costs

Greiner v. Keller (Child Support; Childcare Costs )

California Court of Appeal, First District

Published Opinion, (2019) 36 Cal.App.5th 332

File Date:
Filed 6-14-2019

The mother sought an award for child support and childcare costs from the father under Family Code section 4062 so she could obtain a paralegal certification with the goal of becoming self-supporting. The family court denied the request because the mother was already employed and the court did not think the statute applied when a parent pursues education to expand existing employment skills. The court of appeal reversed because Family Code section 4062 requires an award of childcare costs if incurred related to a parent’s “employment” or “for reasonably necessary education or training for employment skills.” The statute is not limited to education or training for a parent’s current occupation.

Greiner v. Keller 6-14-19

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