How to Protect Kids when they Travel Alone? Top Family Law Attorney Peter M. Walzer explains on ABC News

[Source: ABC 7 News]

Top family law attorney Peter M. Walzer discusses sending your child on a flight without an adult on ABC7 News.

What can you do to protect your children when they travel alone?

Kids are out of school for the summer and many of them are traveling unaccompanied to see family or between separated parents. Last year, Last year, Jet Blue was supposed to settle a case over a 5-year-old boy who was put on a wrong flight and sent to the wrong state.

What can you do to make sure your child is safe flying solo? Watch this video to learn about the following tips.

* Fly early in the day
* Non-stop flights
* Go to the gate with your child
* Use flight tracker apps
* Safety tips, talk to flight attendants
* Snacks, electronic devices
* Cash/credit card

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