In re Marriage of Everard: Domestic Violence

In re the Marriage of Kyle and Valerie Ann Everard (Domestic Violence)

California Court of Appeal, Fourth District

Published Opinion (2020) 47 Cal.App.5th 109

File Date:
Filed 03/20/2020

Husband filed a request for domestic violence restraining order against wife, who also filed her own request for restraining order. After a multiple day long-cause trial, the Superior Court in San Diego County issued reciprocal DVROs. Husband appealed arguing that the court erred in granting Wife’s restraining order against him because its findings against him were not sufficiently detailed to satisfy the requirement under Family Code section 6305. The Court of Appeal held that the Trial Court’s findings were sufficient and stated that the concept of detailed findings has been understood to require sufficient factual findings or analysis for a reviewing court to assess the factual or legal basis for the trial court’s decision. 

IRMO Everard 3-30-20

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