IRMO Brewster and Clevenger: Spousal Support, Domestic Violence, Retroactive Jurisdiction

In re Marriage of Brewster and Clevenger (Spousal Support; Domestic Violence; Retroactive Jurisdiction)

California Court of Appeal, Sixth District

Published opinion, (2020) 45 Cal.App.5th 481

File Date:
Filed 2/19/2020

In this marital dissolution proceeding, the trial court denied spousal support to the wife because she had criminal convictions for domestic violence against her husband, and did not overcome the presumption in Family Code section 43251 against an award of support to a spouse convicted of domestic violence. The appellate court affirmed. The opinion discusses the failure to request judicial notice of police reports, the definition of “documented” abuse, retroactive jurisdiction, and estoppel.

IRMO Brewster and Clevenger

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