J.M. v. W.T.: Domestic Violence

J.M. v. W.T. (Domestic Violence)

California Court of Appeal, Second District

Published Opinion, (2020) 40 Cal.App. 5th 1136

File Date:
Filed 3/25/2020

In the J.M. v. W.T. appeal case concerning domestic violence, a request to continue a restraining order hearing under the DVPA was requested because the petitioner needed surgery and could not serve the respondent. The request to continue was filed with the court and neither party appeared at the hearing. The court dismissed the action with prejudice. The Court of Appeal reversed because Family Code section 245 requires a continuance on a showing of good cause, if the request made in writing before the hearing or orally at the hearing. Good cause had been shown so the continuance should have been granted.


J.M. v. W.T. 3-25-20

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