"Finally after about three years from the day when my son was kidnapped in Italy and brought by his mother in the U.S. I thank everyone in the Walzer & Melcher office for the work done and the commitment given in this case. Thanks to the consistency and the professionalism of all of you and especially to Christopher Melcher and Jennifer M. Riemer. I can share with him the rest of my life. Without your support and your determination I would not be here writing these words.To all those parents who were involved in an international child abduction I can only say that in this office they will find amazing people before a team of incredible lawyers. People who have shown me love and all the attention that a parent need to survive the most terrible experiences that a person can live in his life. I can never show enough gratitude for all the work they have done to bring my son back to my life.Chris has proven to me that he is not just an incredible lawyer, but also he is a dear friend that you can rely on big times of distress. He never gave up in my case even when he faced unscrupulous competitors, without any professional ethics, and he has legally fought in the Court of Appeals, and also at the California Supreme Court for the triumph of justice. He has always been honest and sincere, and he never let me lose hope.Yes Chris is thanks to you and your staff if I can still hug my son and I can watch him sleeping like an angel after three years of pain and tears. I will never forget what you had done for me and for my son."