Peter M. Walzer Named Top 100 Lawyer in 2023

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[Source: Daily Journal]

Celebrity lawyer Peter M. Walzer of top family law firm Walzer Melcher LLP was named a Top 100 Lawyer in 2023 by the Daily Journal.


Peter has been a certified family law specialist for 35 years, served as the national president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers in 2017-18, and was the Southern California president of the group as well.

His firm was named a best family law firm in California and  handles the full range of family law issues, from custody and domestic violence to prenuptial agreements (prenups) and cohabitation. Many of Walzer’s cases include complex jurisdictional issues between states or countries, making him an expert in such matters.


Walzer Melcher LLP frequently represents business owners, doctors, lawyers, celebrities, and professionals getting divorced. One of Peter’s clients is a physician with a successful practice outside of California and properties in several states, all of which require valuation.

Peter mentions he generally prefers handling litigation concerning the valuation of property in a divorce. Those sorts of matters have been complicated in the last several years by the pandemic. 

“The divorcing spouse who owns a business claims COVID-19 crippled the business and it won’t recover soon, which would decrease its value. The ‘out-spouse’ says the economy has recovered and government loans made up for temporary gaps in revenue,” states the top family law attorney.

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