Oh Boy, J.Lo Has Inserted Herself Into A-Rod’s Custody Battle With His Ex

JLo and Arod at a red carpet event


[Source: Bravo]

His ex-wife, Cynthia Rodriguez, was reportedly “blindsided.”

Jennifer Lopez is butting into Alex Rodriguez’s custody battle with his ex-wife, Cynthia Rodriguez, and has a strong opinion over how much he should pay in child support.

Page Six reports that J.Lo “blindsided” Cynthia by showing up to a Sept. 13 mediation session in Miami between the former Yankee and his ex, and then voicing her opinion on their child-support negotiations. At one point, she was left alone in the room with Cynthia, says the report.

“The legal proceeding quickly devolved when Lopez insisted that Alex, who earned more than $400 million in his MLB career, should only have to pay $10,000 a month in child support — a pittance compared to the reported $100,000-plus he’d been doling out monthly to support his young daughters Natasha and Ella,” sources said.

Things grew so uncomfortable the next day’s mediation was canceled.

And while the mediations are confidential, Cynthia did tell the New York Post that the break in talks is “unsettling.” “All I can tell you, there’s been a shift, and I’m not sure what to attribute it to,” she said.

“Alex has dated some wonderful women since our divorce, many of whom have had positive relationships with our children. Alex and I have worked well trying to create a stable environment for our daughters and there has never been an issue. Until now.” The two divorced in 2008.

Personal Space turned to Peter Walzer, founding partner of Los Angeles-based family law firm Walzer Melcher (and newly appointed President of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers) to see if J.Lo’s decision to get involved is unusual.

“No, it’s a very common problem,” he explained of an ex inserting themselves into their partner’s custody and alimony agreements.

But it’s not good, he added.

“Once you get a new wife or girlfriend involved in the case they have their own agenda, and that means tremendous problems like making it very difficult to settle a case.”

In fact, he knows members of Cynthia’s legal team, and said one lawyer even went on the legal speaking circuit to talk about how Alex and Cynthia managed to work out a financial agreementwithout growing bitter and got along for years. Enter J.Lo.

“From my experience, it’s insecurity, it usually come from someone defending their territory. She’s trying to do a power play and create an alliance with Alex. It’s a pretty common psychological tactic,” Walzer said.

It is unusual J.Lo did get in the actual mediation room though, he said, adding that Alex must have insisted on it, because “usually the mediator will say only the two parties can be here.”

“From Alex’s point of view, if he brings someone else in and involves them he could be waiving the attorney-client privilege which could be risky,” Walzer explained. “Why Alex’s lawyer allowed her in or around, now another lawyer can take Jennifer’s deposition and can ask her what the lawyer said to her.”

Walzer said that his strategy would be to tell Alex, “She’s not gonna have a role in this, it’s gonna drive you crazy.”

People commonly think that celebrities have it all, but they have insecurities “especially in a relationship,” Walzer said. “She wants to solidify her position [in his life],” he noted, adding, “It’s a lawyer’s worst nightmare — you can’t settle the case and it’s hurting the client.”

by Marianne Garvey