Justin Bieber Needs to Cut the Nonsense and Get a Prenup Already

Justin Bieber at a concert shaking hands
Justin Bieber Needs to Get a Prenup Already explains Top Family Law Attorney Peter M. Walzer.


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The singer is worth $265 million but is sure he’ll be married forever. 

TMZ is now reporting that Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin did in fact get married back in September after they picked up that marriage license at NYC’s marriage bureau. And, even though they reportedly reached out to lawyers to work on a prenup, TMZ claims that it’s nearly impossible that the couple had one drafted and signed before their wedding took place. It doesn’t seem like these young lovebirds are listening to any advice after all.

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Although Justin Bieber initially resisted getting a prenup before he marries Hailey Baldwin, TMZ is reporting that he now is hammering one out. Smart, since he’s worth a whopping $265 million.

“There are reports Justin is not asking for a prenup because he and Hailey are both so religious they take the ’til death do us part’ vow literally— that’s just not true. Justin has been counseled it would be insane not to get a prenup, and he’s on board,” say the report.

Personal Space spoke to top divorce attorney Peter Walzer, founding partner of Walzer Melcher law firm in Los Angeles, and he explains why a prenup is so crucial — and it’s not just because of Bieber’s cash.

“What I tell people is, first of all, somebody of that wealth, power, and notoriety needs a prenup, it’s going to solve future problems and heartache,” he says. “It’s better to talk about expectations and finances at that level than not. He’s religious and doesn’t want to bring legalities into it, but he needs to think of it like signing record contracts or leases for homes because he’s so well known and has so many assets, he needs to protect himself.”

Walzer adds that a prenup is not “only for divorce,” it’s for death and “people don’t understand there are only two ways out of marriage, divorce or death.”

“If you’re going to die (and we all are) you probably need a prenup,” he says, adding, “I would say that in one sense, marriage is a romance, but it’s also a partnership like a business partnership and again we don’t know what will happen and you need some kind of provisions to protect both of you.”

If The Biebs and Hailey ever do split, she would want some protection also, Walzer adds.

He also explains that if they did file for divorce, where they file is crucial.

“In their situation he has properties in multiple jurisdictions so his agreement would be complicated — it could be Canada, New York, Los Angeles,” Walzer says. “[In some places] there may be tax consequences and they may want to pick one that is favorable to them.”

Bieber obviously stands to lose a lot if he doesn’t sign a prenup, even though in most jurisdictions, what you had before marriage is usually not part of the marital state.

But, if they are worth more as a couple, that increases both their values and can become a matter of litigation in an ugly split.

“If things are clear in a prenup, there’s going to be a lot less litigation,” Walzer says. “There usually millions wasted on lawyers because you’re creating a potential feeding frenzy for the lawyers if you don’t have a prenup.”