Why Britney Spears’ Dad Asks to End the Conservatorship

[Source: ABC News]

Celebrity Divorce Lawyer Christopher C. Melcher Explains Why Jamie Spears Asks the Court to End Britney Spears’ Conservatorship on ABC News.

Now to the major news about Britney Spears. A big win in her fight for freedom as her father asked the court to end the conservatorship that has controlled her life and money for 13 years. Now for more on Britney Spears’ case, we bring in top family law attorney, Christopher C. Melcher of Walzer Melcher LLP, which is ranked one of the best family law firms in California. Give us a sense of the significance of Jamie Spears’ filing. Do you think this spells the end of Britney’s entire conservatorship? “Well, it’s a wonderful breakthrough because Britney’s been saying she wants to end the conservatorship over her. Her father had previously opposed efforts to have him removed and now he’s behind her and he’s saying, “Yes, I will support the removal of all these restrictions over Britney,” stated celebrity divorce lawyer Christopher C. Melcher. And now, her dad Jamie Spears had control over Britney’s money, but for the last couple of years, he was not in charge of what lawyers call her person, that is the medical and personal decisions that were made on her behalf. So how much does his opinion really matter here? And in a larger sense, why should his filing carry so much weight?

“Well, he hasn’t had really much interaction with Britney for it seems like a long time. He had admitted they’re not even on speaking terms, so I don’t know what knowledge he has of her functioning, but it is significant that he’s supportive of the termination of the conservatorship because he was really the only one standing in the way.

Jodi Montgomery, the conservator over the person, expressed support for ending this conservatorship, so it was really up to Jamie to basically stand aside and say, “Yes, this needs to be done also,” so I’m fortunate that he’s listening to his daughter. We’re going to see some movement, but there’s a lot of details yet to be taken care of. This was a court-imposed conservatorship, so Jamie can’t just eliminate it by his statement, the court still needs to consider and rule on it,” explained Christopher C. Melcher, celebrity lawyer. As either reports, Britney’s attorney is alleging mismanagement by Jamie Spears. What could a potential investigation into that look like and do you think that we could potentially see charges against Jamie Spears if what Britney is saying is true?

“Well, Britney wants an investigation to be done and her attorney says that that’ll happen. There are 13 years of financial transactions that Jamie Spears oversaw and this is her touring and all the income, sales of property, she’s entitled to go back and re-examine all of those transactions and investigate whether they were a result of fraud or misrepresentation.

She can do that if she wanted to. There’s a $48 million bond on Jamie that the court made him post to serve in this role so there is some source of funds if she can prove any of these allegations are true,” stated Christopher C. Melcher, who was rated one of the best family law attorneys in Los Angeles, California. ©2021 ABC News. No claims made to copyrighted material. Aired 9/8/21.