Why Johnny Depp Wasn’t Called to Testify by Heard’s Team

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Why Johnny Depp wasn't called to testify by Amber Heard's team

Description: Celebrity lawyer Christopher C. Melcher, who is ranked as a best family law attorney in California, explains why Johnny Depp wasn’t called to testify in the Depp vs. Heard defamation trial after their celebrity divorce.

Johnny Depp in L.A. in 2012
Celebrity Lawyer Christopher C. Melcher of top family law firm Walzer Melcher LLP explains why Johnny Depp is not called to testify by Heard's team

Publication: Yahoo

Publication Date: May 23, 2020

Journalist: Taryn Ryder

Legal Expert: Christopher C. Melcher

Quote: “Spiegel reviewed records and somehow made conclusions about Johnny’s personality. This was an ethical violation,” says top family law attorney Chris Melcher, citing APA rules. He explains it “was essential to conduct an evaluation before opining about Depp.”