Why We Care So Much About the Gates’ Celebrity Divorce

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"Bill and Melinda Gates' Breakup After 27 Years Has Us Reeling. Why Do We Care So Much?"

Description: Jenna Ryu interviewed Los Angeles celebrity divorce lawyer Peter M. Walzer of top family law firm Walzer Melcher LLP regarding why the public cares so much about Bill and Melinda Gates’ celebrity divorce after 27 years of marriage.
Bill Gates Bill Gates at the Elysee Palace to encounter the french president to speak about Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Celebrity divorce lawyer Peter M. Walzer explains how rich and famous people like Bill Gates keep their divorces private and their disputes out of court.
Publication: USA Today
Publication Date: May 7, 2021
Journalist: Jenna Ryu

Area(s) of Legal Expertise needed for interview: Celebrity Divorce

Legal Expert: Peter M. Walzer

Quote: “The Gates were widely admired, making the news of their split even more devastating. They’ve been involved in all the hot issues. The Gates Foundation donated almost two billion to COVID research. They’re very big in the climate change world and in curing AIDS. They’ve made a generous commitment to giving away their wealth for the common good,” he says. “So people often saw these two as angels, and how could angels get divorced?”