5 Frightening Reasons to Hire a Family Law Attorney

CA’s best family law attorneys discuss 5 Frightening Reasons to Hire a Family Law Attorney

Halloween can be one of the most fun times of the year.  Who doesn’t have fun memories of dressing up as a kid and overdosing on sugar? As we get older, haunted houses and horror movies make Halloween more about the fun of a good scare.  As adults, we realize that even though Freddie Kruger and Jason Voorhees aren’t real there are plenty of frightening villains who don’t appear in horror movies.  You may even be divorcing your own “villain” right now.  Here are 5 frightening situations where you’d want to hire a family law lawyer to help you end your marriage to your villain.

1. Your spouse steals money

Frequently, leading up to or during divorce, one partner moves money or hides money. Review some of the signs of a spouse who is hiding assets here. If you believe your spouse is doing this you need to hire a family lawyer in Los Angeles to help you uncover where the money has gone and advocate to the judge that you’re entitled to your share.

2. Your spouse alienates your kids

Parental alienation occurs when one parent tries to pit the children against the other, potentially destroying the relationship.  Typically spouses attempt parental alienation hoping the other parent will lose visitation.  If your spouse is alienating your children, you want to make sure that you hire a family law attorney to ensure that your relationship with your children remains intact.

3. Your spouse makes false allegations

If your spouse is making false allegations against you, whether they pertain to domestic violence, child abuse, or fraud, you’ll want an expert family lawyer on your side.  If a judge believes a false allegation of child abuse, for example, it could mean losing custody and visitation of your children.  Hiring a Los Angeles family law attorney will help protect you from false allegations and an attorney can pursue sanctions against your spouse.

4. Your spouse is abusive

If your spouse is physically abusive towards you, it can feel like you’re living with a real life villain.  Abusers thrive on power and control over their victim.  If you decide to break the cycle of abuse, separate from your abuser, and file for divorce, you’ll want to make sure you have an attorney.  Your attorney can help you apply for a restraining order, give practical advice on how to stay safe, and help prove the history of abuse to the judge.

5. Your spouse engages in criminal activity

If you know that your spouse is engaged in criminal activity you’ll want to contact a lawyer. If you have kids, illegal actions could endanger them.  If you don’t have kids, your ex-spouse still could try to allege that you were part of the criminal activity. An expert family law attorney will protect you and your kids from the negative impact of your spouse’s activities. To discuss your divorce, contact the family attorneys at Walzer Melcher LLP today.