Anthony Scaramucci’s Pregnant Wife Files for Divorce

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci's pregnant wife filed for divorce
Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci's pregnant wife filed for divorce

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L.A. Celebrity Divorce Attorney Peter M. Walzer Explains why it’s unusual for a pregnant wife to file for divorce

Filing For Divorce At 9 Months Pregnant An “Extremely Unusual” Bold Move, Says Top Family Lawyer

It’s very, very rare.

Now former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci has professional and personal issues plaguing him—with one top family lawyer telling Personal Space the fact that his wife filed for divorce at nine months pregnant is a really, really bad sign for him.

Deirdre Ball filed for divorce over three weeks ago, when she was nine-months pregnant, reports Page Six. And while their son was being born at North Shore Hospital in New York, he was working on the road with Donald Trump.

While the couple split about five months ago, Deirdre filed for divorce just weeks away from giving birth—a highly stressful and unusual time to file, says Peter M. Walzer, a founding partner of top family law firm Walzer Melcher in Los Angeles.

“It’s extremely unusual,” celebrity divorce lawyer Peter M. Walzer says. “We have a case where the man filed where the woman was nine months pregnant, it was fear of commitment, fear of being a dad…but for a woman to file while she’s pregnant is extreme and something serious happened. In my reading of the divorce, it wasn’t just politics.”

Peter says that “if you read between the lines it could be infidelity or a complete breakdown of the relationship.”

“I have no evidence it was infidelity, it could be that he’s not going to be around to raise the child, the move to D.C. There are marriages with fundamental disagreements on how people should be treated, with extreme conservative and liberal views. Something bad happened – and it wasn’t differences on the Affordable Care Act.”

It’s likely Deirdre was looking to set up a pattern where she’ll get primary support of the baby.

“She’ll get child support and probably alimony if she’s not been working,” Peter explains. “Generally infants are not divided fifty-fifty…In most cases, moms are breastfeeding. She’ll likely set a pattern to get primary custody.”