Why Hasn’t Georgina Chapman Filed for Divorce Yet?

Producer Harvey Weinstein and then girlfriend, fashion designer, Georgina Chapman, at the Vanity Fair party for the 5th Annual Tribeca Film Festival in lower Manhattan on April 26, 2006
Why hasn't Georgina Chapman filed for divorce from Harvey Weinstein?

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Celebrity Divorce Lawyer Peter M. Walzer Explains Why Hasn’t Georgina Chapman Filed for Divorce Yet?

What is she waiting for?

According to her longtime friend Alyssa Milano, Harvey Weinstein’s estranged wife Georgina Chapman, is “doing very well,” despite the scandal that ruined her husband and tore apart her family.

So why hasn’t she filed for divorce? Is she planning to reconcile with the former Weinstein Company head when this all dies down?

Not likely, says high net worth divorce attorney Peter M. Walzer, founding partner of Los Angeles based family law firm Walzer Melcher.

He breaks down for Personal Space why it’s likely taking so long for the designer to pull the trigger.

“I think one strategy is it is a good idea to put together a deal before anybody files in public court,” celebrity divorce attorney Peter M. Walzer says. “It takes a long time.”

He explains that prenups that involve a lot of money and property are very complicated. “What will apply in Connecticut, New York, California under the prenup? You’ve got a huge estate, they’re both worth millions, with multiple properties in several states.”

In addition, there are custody issues, business issues, and Harvey’s issues, Walzer says. “What if she files now and gives him some custody and he’s charged with a crime? Doesn’t look good for her.”

“You’ve also got issues with which jurisdiction controls the kids and custody,” he says, adding that it’s impossible to come up with a custody schedule while the children’s father deals with a sexual addiction problem. “Now, that does not mean that he can’t see their children, so there may be negotiations for supervised visitation. He’s being actively investigated, so can she even agree to a custody schedule with someone who has possible charges coming against him? Also, anything they agree to is going to be publicized so you have to be careful what you agree to.”

So it’s likely Georgina is waiting to see what charges will be filed before she agrees to anything.

“She might be waiting to protect herself, there are many layers to this,” top family law attorney Peter M. Walzer says. “The financial part takes a while, custody may be pending, he’s in treatment, time sometimes solves some of these problems. But rushing to this may not be wise for either of them.”

Lastly, he says that whatever they agree to will most certainly make the news, so she is being extra cautious. In addition, if there are any financial mistakes in the paperwork, it has to be redone, which doesn’t happen overnight.

“The basis of any deal is full disclosure, that requires a balance sheet of appraisals and personal property, that’s not an overnight thing. She’s got a business, income, and has to disclose that,” he says. “That’s the foundation of any divorce deal. If you make an error than the agreement can be set aside. Then accountants have to review, then submit, then you sit down and negotiate custody finances, and that’s all in the middle of his rehab. These are not overnight deals. If it were done that quickly, it would likely be thrown out because it takes time.”

Georgina is likely furiously negotiating behind the scenes, since she has a lot more leverage before she files than after, adds Walzer.

“She’s likely to get a better deal if she stays quiet for now and works out what she wants in terms of money and custody instead of goes to the press,” he says.

“Georgina’s got a lot of leverage now then after she’s gone to the public court. It’s better to put together a deal for her and him so when they do file their divorce they have a binding deal, it’s confidential, kept it out of the press. He may have to pay a little bit more money, but he gets confidentiality and she gets and custody and more money.”

by Marianne Garvey

DECEMBER 8, 2017, 11:27 AM ET