Erika Jayne & Tom Girardi’s Celebrity Divorce & Embezzlement Case

Article Title:

"Embattled Tom Girardi Hit with $2 Million Judgment"

Description: Amanda Bronstad interviewed celebrity divorce lawyer Christopher C. Melcher regarding Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi’s celebrity divorce. Tom Girardi faces a $2 million judgment over missing client funds and Erika could be a target for his creditors.
Erika Jane at an E! event
Celebrity Divorce Lawyer Christopher C. Melcher explains the celebrity divorce of Erika Jayne & Tom Girardi and how the embezzlement case could affect alimony.
Publication: American Law Media
Publication Date: December 16, 2020
Journalist: Amanda Bronstad
Area(s) of Legal Expertise needed for interview: Celebrity Divorce, Alimony, Separate Property
Legal Expert: Christopher C. Melcher

Quote: “If it turns out he’s paying her massive spousal support (alimony), that would be contrary to the representations made in court that he’s broke. He can’t have it both ways. That’s going to be really problematic for her getting any support against him when he says he’s broke to the court and, if she’s winding up with a lot of assets in her name that she claims is separate property, she’ll have to establish that she earned that and there’s a premarital agreement that classifies her earnings as separate. Otherwise, creditors will have the right to go after her assets and clear her out.”