Hunter Biden’s Child Support & Family Court Trial Explained

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Celebrity lawyer Christopher C. Melcher, who is ranked as a best family law attorney in California, analyzes Hunter Biden‘s Child Support and Family Court Trial on Fox.


The President, his son Hunter, is at the center of the GOP investigation where they allege financial records showing ties of receiving millions of dollars from foreign entities in China and Romania. To discuss more about this case, to discuss more about Hunter Biden and how this may impact those investigations, is top family law attorney Chris Melcher, a partner at Walzer Melcher & Yoda.

Chris Melcher:

There was this child that he had with this lady. It was a brief encounter in 2018, and he agreed with her in 2020 to pay $20,000 a month in child support. That’s an enormous sum, especially for Arkansas. But more recently, he said he can’t afford those payments, so he’s brought himself back to court and said that he needs a reduction in child support because he’s had a reversal in fortune. Now he opened himself up to a far-reaching financial inquiry, not just on whatever his taxable income is, but on all sources of gifts, loans, any other financial benefit that he has to pay for his own living expenses could also potentially be used to pay child support to this lady. So he’s really, really opened himself up and that’s going on in this hearing. He’s already admitted that he’s the father of the child. He’s never seen the child before, but now there’s this issue of, okay, well how much can he afford? Can he still afford $20,000 a month?


Now, this is actually different than that alimony case from just a couple of months ago, correct? And I think we spoke on that as well. Tell me the difference, are these two different women… Two different cases, or is this a different case, but part of the same child being alleged here?

Hunter Biden’s Multiple Alimony Cases



This is a different case. He had a brief relationship with this lady. He said he didn’t even remember the relationship with her- they were never married- and it was established through a DNA test that he is the father apparently. And I think he’s acknowledged that now, although he’s never met the child. So this is solely about child support with this one individual.


Why do you think so much attention is being put on this case? By all accounts, when you kind of look at it face value, this is a simple paternity case. This happens in family courts all across the country.

Hunter Biden’s Expensive Lifestyle



Well, it does. And what’s different here is this is the son of our President and there are some questions about how he could live the lifestyle that he has right now. He’s living in a mansion in Malibu that has a rental value of potentially $30,000 a month. And so who is funding that? He flew on a private jet to the last hearing because the court in Arkansas insisted that both parties be physically present for these hearings because there are all kinds of questions that need to be answered. So he arrived in a private jet, and I know that was owned by a friend of his or a company that’s controlled by a friend of his. It raises questions on how he can afford or live this very expensive lifestyle. Where is this money coming from? What I think is of interest to the public is,, is there any connection between him being the son of the President and having all of these gifts or whatever they are to fund this lifestyle?


And do you expect the GOP might use something from this family court trial, or do you think that there’s anything that could even come out in terms of maybe evidence? 

Hunter Biden’s Laptop



Well, sure. So there’s a gag order I believe in place in the child support case, but any government, investigator probably could get approval from the court to gain access to the information including the laptop. I think that there’s an allegation in the child support case that there are financial records on the laptop that are relevant. I don’t really buy the relevancy argument because the information on the laptop would be related to Hunter’s finances years ago. The question in the child support case is what is he making now & what can he make in the future? So I don’t think that we’re going to see laptop evidence in the child support case, but it is there.

And he was confronted by the judge to admit that it was his laptop. And then there would be questions of him to admit whether the information derived from the laptop is authentic. All that’s going to be established through this child support case. Once there’s an admission of whatever information is on the laptop is authentic, then that would be useful for other investigations.


Chris Melcher, who is a high net worth family law attorney in California,  thanks for joining us. Any closing thoughts?


The trial is set for July 24th, so they’re going to argue over things. Hunter’s going to have to sit for a deposition, which is a compelled statement under oath. This is going to keep moving forward unless they reach an agreement on the child support.

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