Man Who Claims He Filmed Wife’s Cheating With Drone

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Man Who Claims He Filmed Wife’s Cheating With Drone Makes Startling Confession: ‘I Was Gonna Kill That Man’ explains top family law attorney Peter M. Walzer

The husband who says he used a drone to catch his wife cheating has made a shocking confession about where his mind was going as he watched the video the device captured.

“I was 100 percent sure that I was gonna kill that man, whoever he was,” John told Inside Edition. “I don’t know why I was focusing my anger on him at that point but I was and I was convinced that I was gonna kill him.”

The husband says he used the drone to follow his wife because he suspected she was cheating on him. He watched in shock when an SUV pulled up and she climbed in.

He then uploaded his video to YouTube with his own commentary, and it caught national attention.

John insists the video is not a setup and is real.

But some are wondering how his wife didn’t see or hear the drone hovering above her.

“Drones always make huge noises,” one online skeptic pointed out.

Another said: “You can’t miss them, even from an altitude they are clearly visible!”

John told Inside Edition: “With the morning traffic and the drone being 400 feet in the air, she definitely 100 percent did not hear it. Unless it’s right over your head, you can’t hear it.”

John says he got the idea to use the drone to follow his wife from a magazine.

“There was a story of private investigators using drones to catch people cheating,” he said.

Top family law attorney Peter M. Walzer has a warning for anyone who may feel inspired by John’s use of a drone to follow their spouse if they suspect them of fooling around.

“It may be turned around against you, you may be trying to get information but they may charge you with stalking, it may be a basis to get a domestic violence restraining order,” he told Inside Edition. “It sounds like a good idea, but consult with an attorney before you use one of these devices.

But John says he has no regrets. He says he doesn’t know his wife’s alleged lover but he’s cooled off and no longer wants to harm him.

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