Peter M. Walzer Named Top Family Lawyer 2024 by Daily Journal

Graphic of Daily Journal Top Family Lawyer 2024 Award Given to Peter M. Walzer

[Source: Daily Journal]

CELEBRITY LAWYER Peter M. Walzer is named A Top Family Lawyer 2024 by the Daily Journal


Peter has been a certified family law specialist for over 35 years, served as the national president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) in 2017-18, and was the Southern California president of the AAML group as well.

Peter M. Walzer’s Award-Winning Firm


His firm was named a best family law firm in California and  handles the full range of family law issues, from custody and domestic violence to prenuptial agreements (prenups) and cohabitation. Many of Walzer’s cases include complex jurisdictional issues between states or countries, making him an expert in such matters.

Walzer Melcher LLP frequently represents high net worth business owners, doctors, lawyers, celebrities, and professionals getting divorced. 

Peter has been interviewed by various news and media outlets throughout the years due to his vast knowledge of family law on topics such as complex high net worth divorce, dividing assets, spouses losing money gambling, international divorce, foreign prenups in the United States, California domestic partnerships and many more.

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