Donald and Ivana Trump’s 1990 Divorce Records-Do They Point to Rape? Top Family Law Attorney Peter M. Walzer on WHDT World News Explains

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Top California divorce attorney Peter M. Walzer discusses Donald and Ivana Trump’s 1990 divorce records and if they point to rape on WHDT World News.

The 1990 Divorce between Donald Trump and Ivana Trump was granted on the grounds of cruel and inhumane treatment but the two may have reached a settlement. Nearly 3 decades later, it is still being talked about. One big reason is the divorce involves a sexual assault accusation Ivana made against Donald. Ivana has since walked back on those comments and even endorsed Trump for President, but now the New York Times has requested that the New York Supreme Court unseal Trump’ divorce records in order to set the record straight. Joining me now to further discuss this is top divorce attorney Peter M. Walzer. Peter, do we know if this rape allegation was investigated back then?

“I don’t think it was. I think it was in their divorce and she claimed in a deposition, which is basically an interview with a court reporter, that she was raped. As you said, she later backed down on that,” explains high net worth divorce attorney Peter M. Walzer.

Should they have investigated that? That seems like a serious claim.

“I don’t think she ever reported it to the Police and that brings into question if that was really rape. They didn’t investigate it because she never reported it,” states top California family law lawyer Peter M. Walzer.

Can previously sealed records be made public?

New York is pretty tricky and that’s why there’s a lawsuit. The states differ on their opinions and California, yes it would be made public. New York has a specific law that says no unless you make an application to the court. Their records are in New York from New York court records. Even if they got the records, it’s not clear that there would be an allegation in those records. The deposition would probably be a private document in an attorney’s office,” states top family law attorney Peter M. Walzer.

Now considering Trump is running for President, does the public have the right to know this information?

“Yes, the public does have a right to know and it’s freedom of the press. The press is entitled to that information and they should get it. The question is, can Trump delay this until after the election and will it matter?” explains high net worth divorce attorney Peter M. Walzer.

If he does end up in the White House, could that affect his presidency?

“If there are criminal allegations and he committed a crime, perhaps it could, but previous Presidents seemed to escape these allegations. Although Clinton was impeached, so you never know,” reports divorce attorney Peter M. Walzer.

This is a civil lawsuit we are talking about, not a criminal lawsuit. Trump has been accused of rape and attempted rape by at least two other women. One of them just 13 years old, Jane Doe, she is currently in her 30’s so she can’t file against Trump and Jeffrey Epstein in criminal court, so it has resulted in this case in civil court. What can Jane Doe expect to get out of a civil suit here?

“It’s a tough position. She may want money and Trump may be tempted to pay her off to keep her confidentiality. On the other hand, if he does that he may get a lot of other lawsuits against him. I think she can expect a lot of delays, procedural wrangling-she probably won’t get to court in the next year or so. She will get delays and be stonewalled,” explains top divorce lawyer Peter M. Walzer.

If the past is any indication of what’s going to happen, all you need to do is look at Trump University and other cases that involved Mr. Trump.

“Exactly, Trump is very good at bringing his lawyers into the situation and delaying and delaying and delaying. But eventually, this comes out just like it did in the Clinton case,” states celebrity divorce lawyer Peter M. Walzer.

Will the court end up unsealing these records? What’s your prediction?

“My prediction is the court will unseal the records. They are under a lot of pressure. It’s up to a judge and I think the judge will feel the public has a right to know and will reveal these records. Whether these records will reveal rape or allegations of rape-it’s hard to say. The judgment may call for a confidentiality agreement and that’s all we will find, I think,” states top family law attorney Peter M. Walzer.

It’s no secret that Trump’s relationship with the media is tumultuous and this latest move by the New York Times to unseal those records are sure to take that up a notch- if that’s even possible. Peter M. Walzer, top family law attorney from Walzer Melcher, thanks for weighing in with us.

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